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About Dazzle Dream

What is Dazzle Dream?

Dazzle Dream offers handcrafted healing jewelry and mala beads for dreamers, free spirits and goddesses. Each piece is made with intentions and attentions to detail. Each pieces are designed and handcrafted in Franklin, Tennessee. 

The Designer/ Maker behind Dazzle Dream:


My name is Katherine, and I am obsessed with crystals. Ever since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated about gemstones and the magic behind them. My first piece of gemstone is labradorite( I always feel a deep connection with labradorite, Can you see use a lot of labradorite in my designs?), and until this day I am still using this piece of crystals to assist me with my journey. After I grew older, I found yoga and meditation. Later on I discovered mala beads. I then started making healing crystal jewelries for friends and family. I was so surprised that I received so many positive feed back. In early 2013, I decided to open a small online shop. I was so amazed by how many people are interested in my designs and my approach of healing crystals. I am so glad you found my little shop and hope you can find healing, peace and love.



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